About Me

Hello, friend!
I hope your day is as lovely as you are :) Since I'm lucky enough to have you stumble upon my blog, I might as well introduce myself! My name is Monica, and yes, I've often wondered if I was named after the character from Friends, too. My parents claim I'm not... but I have my suspicions. ANYWHO, that's not what we're here to talk about! I sometimes feel like a shallow person... yes, I know that's strange to admit. It's just I pull myself in so many directions, and I never allow myself to ever get really, really good at something. You know that person at the party who can sit down and play song after song? Yep, that's not me. But enough moaning about never investing myself into something and becoming a genius... here are a few things I enjoy: reading, writing (duh), photography, singing and dancing (really not good at either but enjoy both), WATCHING TV, graphic design, making playlists on Spotify, getting good grades (gosh I'm such a nerd but I love it), organizing, shopping (I love thrift shopping. I spend hours at Goodwill), traveling... and other stuff that I'm too lazy to think of. Well, if you got to the end of this long rant, yay you! You deserve a pat on the back and a blueberry scone. (If I had any I would offer you one)
Glad you've read my blog and I hope you stick around!!!

(And now as you skim over this post the three words that stick out are anywho, watching, and tv. Hehe that's what all-caps can do)