About Me


Hola, fellow bloggers!
Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I'm an author who loves fashion, shopping, photography, blogging, chorus, and just about anything artsy.
(I'm planning to go to an art school to major in fashion once I finish high school.)
I have a bunch of other quirky hobbies. I play piano, (sort of) cook/bake, draw manga... yeah I warned you I'm weird ;)
I adore nail polish, sneakers, and chai tea lattes.
I also love bike rides.
I LIVE on music. Like seriously.

I'm a freshman in high school, and I hate it. But I'm learning a lot, and making friends is cool. So I guess it's okay.

I have a crazy schedule, so I can't guarantee regular posting or very many posts. Even though my life is hectic, I love blogging. I feel like I can open up and share things with others in a way that is different than in person.

I love movies and TV shows, and a bunch of different genres. I like period dramas, fantasy, sci-fi, romantic comedies...

I hope you enjoy my blog. :)