Saturday, June 3, 2017


Sometimes I'm shy, sometimes I'm friendly
Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm silly.
Sometimes I dress up, sometimes I stay comfy.
Somtimes I'm stressed, sometimes I take it easy.
Sometimes life's hard, but there's always a way to stay happy


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Atonement ~a review

I recently watched this movie and FELL IN LOVE.
This is a film with the actress Kiera Knightly. What else can I say? She leaves a beautiful signature on every film she acts in. Every movie she has been in has been so unique.
I watched this movie not knowing what it was about. I knew it was a WWII film, but that was it.
I had no idea that I would be swept away to a very emotional, heartwrenching place. 
This is a sweet love story, but it is also sad. Very sad. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers. Bear with me) 
If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that it is a historical story about star-crossed lovers. 

 atonement GIF
I can't get over how pretty it is! I love all the scenery.
...And then there is James McAvoy. I didn't think I would ever see him the same after watching Split. (It's a weird horror movie. I wouldn't recommend it.) But he's such a talented actor! So far I've seen him in Narnia, Becoming Jane, Split, and now this. And he's been so believable in every role!!! Not to mention he's very cute.

 atonement GIF
^^^GAAAHHHHH THIS SCENE. (Please excuse me. I get very emotional over this movie)

Also, my favorite actor in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is also in this movie. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Except I hate him in this movie, which is horrid for me. Not because he is a bad actor, but because I hate his character. For those of you that are obsessed with the Sherlock show, you'll understand the love-hate relationship with Cumberbatch. (WARNING: A rant post about Sherlock coming soon)

 atonement GIF

Anyway... that wraps up the post. 
Sorry if this is all nonsense- I'm writing this late at night and I'm very sleep deprived. Gaaah school sucks but at least I have my lovely little blogosphere. Speaking of that, I apologize that my presence on the blogosphere has been so inconsistent.
Also, pardon me for using so many gifs. I've just missed them since I haven't blogged in so long. :) 

I hope y'all have a lovely night, and have a wonderful Friday!!! <3

Friday, April 14, 2017


I am often caught in that horrible trap called boredom. I have so many things that I should be doing or even HAVE to be doing,  but I lack motivation. Lately -with the use of some helpful tips and tricks- I have been able to stay inspired and active, accomplishing what needs to be done. Staying inspired is something I need to constantly improve. And believe me, my friends, this is not easy for me. But once I am able to be motivated, amazing things can happen! I am productive and happy. So I have made a list of a few of the things that I do to stay INSPIRED.

I know this sounds silly, but music is one of the most important things for my mood. I listen to a wide variety of music, but when I need to be creative I tend to listen to acoustic/country music. I find it super calming, and it really helps me think with a clear head. When I need to study, I listen to jazz or piano music. Click here for the playlist of acoustic music I listen to, and here for the music I study with.

2) Wake up early
I know this is extremely cliche. But it's honestly true. Of course, you shouldn't wake up super early if you go to bed really late. If you're a teen, 8-10 hours of sleep is really important. But if you're able to go to bed just twenty minutes earlier, then get up twenty minutes earlier! It helped me so much. I have to get up at 6:50 for school, but now I've started waking up at 6:40. Yes, it's only a TEN-minute difference. But it gives me time to do yoga and make my bed. Plus I think a lot better in the morning, so this gives me time to do last-minute homework.

3) Wake up to the right alarm
I used to have an alarm clock that would shock me awake with its jarring beeps. I have now started waking up to music playing on my phone, and it gives my day more of a positive start.

4) Have a creative space
For me, that is my desk. It really helps me to have a place where I get into creative, inspired mode. Also, where else would I keep all my sticky notes with random inspirational quotes? ;)

5) Use a site to brainstorm ideas
When I'm in a rut, I love using Pinterest and Tumblr to find inspiration. I think Pinterest has a more organized setup, but I love how bizarre and random Tumblr is because it helps me find creative ideas.

6) Take some "me" time
You're up late, doing last-minute revisions to an essay. You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but this essay is due tomorrow. Taking a break sounds like a stupid thing to do, right? It's not! It's actually been proven that people are unable to focus as effectively after up to an hour of concentration. I'm not asking you to take an hour break. Just take 15-20 minutes of relaxation, "me" time. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Watch an episode of Friends. Take a bike ride. Just something to unplug and distract yourself from the stress of life.

...That's all for today. I hope you are all having a lovely week!!! <3

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hey Y'all...

Hello! Sorry it's been so long :/ I just wanted to let everyone know that there's gonna be some changes here. Kind of a 2017 remodel. I'm completely changing the look. :) So... yeah. Have a great night y'all <3

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